In memory of Peter Goodliffe

1924 - 2009

Peter Goodliffe

Peter Gordon Goodliffe FRPS, was a distinguished photographer who has over the years contributed through his teaching, exhibitions and writing to the aesthetic appreciation of photography. Between 1996 and 2006, he delivered architectural students several lectures with some evocative images of his lifelong work leaving the viewer in no doubt of his skill, sensitivity and appreciation of beauty.

As a senior lecturer of photography at the Oxford School of Art in 1960, Peter was elected Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 1963. He developed the first course and modules in photography at the then Oxford College of Technology, Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford Brookes University and taught the best photographers in Oxford today.

As a photographic adviser to the Southern Arts Council, he was commissioned for a photographic book of the Queen mother in 1983. Peter made several films for OXFAM, in Gambia and Sicily. His other passions include visual illustration and images of his beloved Yorkshire. A keen musician of classical and indigenous music, Peter was made an honourable member of the Doric Club in 2000 for his contribution to architectural students' education on colour, light and aesthetics.

His several exhibitions include The Salon of Photography, The Royal Photographic Society, The Half Moon Gallery, University of Milan, Palermo Gallery and the John Ruskin Exhibition at Christ Church, Oxford in 2000.

Byron Mikellides, School of Architecture