Reunion champions

Bringing your classmates back together

Reunions are an incredibly popular way to meet up with old friends and rekindle university memories. We've discovered that they're most successful when these events are alumni-led. The event is more authentic and better reflects your experience here.

Take the lead

Behind every successful reunion is a champion for the event. This person makes the decisions about where and when the reunion happens. This person decides who to invite (is it former course mates, members of a sports club or society, fellow residents of halls?). This person signs the invitations and feeds back the photos and a brief summary for us to post for those who can't make it. Could this person be you?

We're here to help

For these events, we can provide the Reunion Champion with much of the logistical support needed to make the reunion successful. From advertising the event on the website to emails and letters to the invitees. From liaising with faculty to join in and making sure the event has access to university facilities. Let's explore the possibilities.

If you're interested in exploring the idea of being a Reunion Champion please contact the Alumni Office or call +44 (0)1865 484 989.