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Have you ever wondered where your University friends are now?

Reunions are the popular way to hook up with old friends and rekindle university memories. If you are curious about what your fellow alumni are doing, then we are here to help.


Some reunions will be advertised here or you may be contacted through the reunion leader.
Remember to keep your contact details up-to-date so we can contact you.


Reunions are entirely alumni-led because they're most successful when they're authentic and your own social networks are a great starting point.
Would you like to volunteer to organise a reunion?

General reunions

Many reunions are aimed at bringing graduates from the same year, subject or hall together for a celebration. But some are simply a chance to socialise with people who were at the same university as you - the following reunions aren't limited to any group, and are open to all alumni to attend.

If you are hosting a reunion and would like to let others know contact us at and we will put it up for here.