Reunion at Headington Hill Hall

Alumni Reunions

Are you thinking of arranging a reunion? Would you like to catch up with former classmates? Or have a look round our new facilities while reminiscing on old times?

How your Alumni Team can help

  • Help you to find ‘lost’ classmates
  • Organise a tour for your group with a student ambassador or team member (during office hours)
  • Advise on which local hotels and restaurants have discounts for Brookes alumni, and on University accommodation.

Other ways we may be able to help*

  • Take photos of the reunion and post a report on after the event
  • Book an Oxford Brookes venue for free (may not be possible during term time)
  • Order catering from our range of bespoke menus and provide the facility for guests to pay easily online
  • Contact former staff members
  • Organise archive displays with special collections, the library or other archivists
  • Arrange a tour outside of office hours.

*all subject to staff availability and resources

Current alumni groups


Please note:

  • Signage will not be provided for your event unless agreed in advance.
  • There is no free catering. Any catering will have to be bought on site or ordered or paid for beforehand.
  • If using a Brookes venue, it is recommended that a member of the alumni team attend part of the event.
  • We rely on alumni to provide their contact details to us so we are unlikely to be able to contact all ‘lost’ classmates.
  • The Alumni team is not responsible if there are any unforeseen problems, eg with room bookings or catering, but we will try our very best to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.