'Journeys of discovery: ecology and exploration' - an inspirational alumni lecture

On November 14th, over 90 alumni, students and community members attended this inspirational lecture by conservation scientist, ecologist, and explorer Professor Julian Bayliss.

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Julian Bayliss ‘03 organises and runs scientific expeditions to inaccessible areas that have generally not been visited by biologists before. When not organising scientific expeditions, he is involved with protected area management and combating wildlife crime in Africa and during this time he has discovered over 20 new species to science.

During this open lecture, he focused on the role of modern scientific exploration in conservation in Africa, and the technological tools at our disposal which aid in this process that were not available to explorers of old. He demonstrated the use of these tools and showed some of the discoveries that have resulted from using them on expeditions in parts of Africa.

He also highlighted the dangers and discoveries from a series of scientific expeditions over the last ten years, and how he has applied the skills learnt in his PhD at Oxford Brookes to his work in Africa.

Below is the recording of Julian's open lecture:
(Due to a technical glitch, the final part on the mount Lico expedition was not fully recorded)


You can find out more about Julian's work on his website.