The 2016 telethon raised over £50,000

The money will support students who may not otherwise be able to study, and will also fund student-run community projects. A big thank you to everyone who made a gift.

Student caller, Jessica Atkins said, “A lot of people donated because Brookes made them the person they are today. They want to help students to be as successful as they were.”

The student callers also benefited greatly from alumni who were able to share their professional insights and experience.

Nicky Beckman Whelan said, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do. People I spoke to told me a lot about finance and accounting so I’ve really thought about that and now I’m interested in going into that area. A total of 27 students made the calls - between them talking to over 800 alumni. The total amount raised was £52,258, which is a projected total over the next five years. Each call raised £70 on average. Many congratulations to our callers for their hard work.

The 2017 telethon begins on 22 May.