Bacchus Mentoring Programme goes from strength to strength

8 February 2017

The Bacchus Mentoring Programme was set up by the Oxford School of Hospitality Management in 2008 as a way of engaging current students with alumni working in the hospitality and tourism industries.  There are now over 200 active mentors in the programme comprising successful industry executives from a wide range of different sectors, approximately 50% of whom are alumni.  The scheme provides many benefits to students, allowing them to significantly extend their professional networks and receive crucial advice on enhancing their employability.  However, it is not just students who benefit - mentors also get a lot out of the process.  Mentors report that extended exposure to students through gives them a greater understanding on the next generation of workers whilst also providing significant personal satisfaction from helping others develop their skills.  Jane McGill, Head of Talent for British Airways and graduate of the Oxford School of Hospitality Management, is delighted to be involved in the programme, stating:

"Given my professional interest in attracting and developing talent into the international tourism and hospitality sectors, I am thrilled to be part of a mentoring programme dedicated to enhancing students’ professional skills and preparing them for management careers. The Bacchus Mentoring Programme gives students valuable insights into the realities of management and leadership careers – something not available to them in the confines of the academic environment. The School has a diverse body of students, and one key strength of the Bacchus Mentoring Programme is that it provides tailored, one-to-one support for them all. It has been a privilege to witness how my support has helped them develop their confidence and self-belief, and fuelled their desire to pursue careers in our sector. As a graduate of the School, I am particularly proud of its commitment to nurturing the talents of its students, and of the crucial role played by the Bacchus Mentoring Programme."

Alumni mentors; Joanna Trew, Sanjay Dhrona and George Cardwell

The Bacchus Mentoring Programme holds two events per year in central London allowing students and mentors to network and is closely aligned with students' final year leadership module where high profile industry figures are invited to lecture on a range of topical challenges.  Our most recent event was held at the beautiful Painter's Hall in the city of London in October and we delighted to welcome more graduates to the Programme.  If you work in hospitality, tourism or a related area and are interested in becoming a Bacchus Mentor please contact Angela Maher at