Susan Elizabeth Goldby 1982-2010

Susan Elizabeth Goldby

Susan tragically passed away on 29 May 2010, unexpectedly but peacefully in her sleep at home. She is deeply missed by all who knew her.

Susan was a wonderful person: warm hearted and caring, perceptive and clear sighted, quick witted and funny. She was a big personality but never crowded others out; she could say what she thought without being unkind or insensitive; and she had a knack of making people laugh.

She was born on 15 November 1982 in Brisbane, Australia. She was the youngest of five children and her birth was greeted with enormous excitement. From the very beginning she was a smiley, playful and outgoing personality who was always willing to give things a try.

Susan’s early childhood was peripatetic: her family left Australia when she was a few weeks old and moved between the Arabian Gulf and the UK five times before settling in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk when Susan was ten. The friends she made at school in Suffolk formed a supportive group, who remain close today. They remember her playfulness, as well as her caring side:

“One of our earliest memories is of Susan hooking our bag straps round the banisters at school, leaving us to fight our way back through the crowds of people who had piled up behind us, to unhook ourselves. She loved fancy dress and was the only person we knew who would go to a party dressed up as a beer bottle, even though the fancy dress theme had been cancelled.

“Susan would drop everything for you, no matter how busy she was. She would always take you out and cheer you up if you’d had a bad day, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She was the glue that held our group together.”

After school, Susan took a gap year and saved up to go travelling to Chile, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong for six months, where she had a blast. She came back in the summer of 2002 to start her degree course in Business and Marketing at Oxford Brookes in the autumn. She made some close friends during her time there, who remember that,

“Susie embraced university life to the max. In our first year in halls, everyone knew who she was, as she was always wreaking havoc, whether it was playing practical jokes on her roommates or running around campus at ungodly hours singing at the top of her voice in an attempt to get people to join in with the party.

“She was also extremely diligent, but always played down her intelligence and abilities. In the second and third years, we took our studies more seriously and Wednesday nights at Brookes’ Student Union became our standard night out of the week. The next day would always involve a fry up at Posh Fish in Headington or a MacDonald’s which we would have to personally deliver to Susie if her head was a little too sore!”

Following university, Susan returned to Bury St Edmunds and within a few months found a job as Mail Order Marketing Assistant at the seed company Thompson & Morgan, based in Ipswich. She settled into her new role quickly, making friends with the Finance Director in the lift on her first day and becoming a popular member of the team. Recognising the increasing opportunity for online marketing, Susan gave this area particular focus, which led to a promotion to Group E-Commerce Marketing Assistant and subsequently the opportunity to secure a position as Account Executive for Warner Bros. with, the online media company. She had been at just over a year when she was promoted to the position of Product Marketing Manager for Books and Music.

Susan was ambitious in career terms as well as in her desire “to be the funniest person in the office”. She revelled in her new company and took full advantage of the opportunities it offered to attend premieres, concerts and parties associated with new releases. Two days before she died, she attended the premiere of Sex and the City II, where she had her photo taken (see above) on the red carpet like any star.

The last five years of Susan’s life were also the happiest on a personal level, as she established a loving and supportive relationship with her partner, Richard. Losing her has left an enormous gap in his life, as well as those of her family and friends. We will always miss her, and life is very different without her, but we know that we are fortunate to have spent so many fantastic times with her and our lives will always be richer for having known her.