In Memory of Jill Gibbons

Jill Gibbons, a long-serving member of the Registry, died at home suddenly on 5 March 2011.

Jill Gibbons

Jill Gibbons joined Oxford Poly in 1977 and retired from Oxford Brookes 20 years later. She was educated at the Central Girls' School in Oxford, which afterwards became Cheney School. She loved helping people, whether as Akela of a cub pack or Treasurer of the CGS old girls' society. Jill married childhood friend Keith Gibbons, Deputy Finance Bursar of the Polytechnic, and the couple were regulars at Brookes Restaurant both before and after their retirements.

Below are some excerpts from the eulogy given by Jill’s daughter, Clare:

Mum’s love of family and life has always been there to see. She was friendly and helpful to everyone without reservation, welcoming them wherever the meeting was, and to our home, right up to the end of her life.

Mum unfailingly kept track of her friends from her early and later life, and to see her poring over her calendar and address book was an education in itself. Many cards were written and many phone calls made.

Mum loved family get-togethers and her vivacity led her often to be the life and soul of the party – most definitely playing with the children and doing cartwheels!

Mum loved the countryside, especially the Lake District. She also loved flowers and gardens, spending many happy hours in our garden and greenhouse, and sometimes as unofficial adviser to some of her friends.

Mum was the heart of our family. She had some definite views and principles of her own, sometimes forcefully expressed, but will never be forgotten for her help and friendliness to so many others, known to her or not.

Rest in peace, Mum.