Read about the experiences of alumni and Brookes Society members, ranging from the inspirational to the weird and wonderful.

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Life as an Alumni Intern


Joe Parton '13, Grace Kinnaird '13 and Sarah Brice '13 blog about their work supporting the University's alumni team and the four Faculties. They tell of the wide range of different events and activities they are involved in.

Erin Chantry ‘10 musings on Urban Design, Urban Planning and the Built Environment

Erin is an urban designer, planner, and trained architect.  In her blog she shares her thoughts and beliefs on how we can move forward together in a more socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable world.

Find out more in her blog called At the Helm of the Public Realm.



Peter Watts '92 talks all things public speaking   


In “The Presenter’s Blog”, public speaking coach Peter Watts puts forward ideas for how you can develop your public speaking skills.

Whether you present once a day, once a week, or once in a blue-moon, there are ideas for how you can harness this powerful life skill. Read his blog here.


Mark Jones '83 - a blog on the trials and challenges of starting and running a business on a budget of just £100.   

Alumnus Mark Jones 83’ set up his first finance brokerage, bankrolled by one of his customers, at the age of 25. Following some interesting twists and turns in his private life, he found himself running a Business Start-up Course in a Surrey college – a decision which has impacted on his subsequent career path and personal motivation.
He has now set up 2 successful companies and spent 25 years dealing with the finance needs of new & SME ventures. He currently runs the business and mentoring company.
For his latest venture Mark has decided on a personal challenge - to set up a business on a budget of just £100. Follow his journey from starting the business, his self-imposed start-up budget and the trials and challenges faced to date, and why this one-man venture provides more personal stimulation and satisfaction than any other business he has been involved in.  


Ryan Davies '07 - raising money for charity by bike - 15,000 miles and 22 countries   

Alumnus Ryan Davies '07 and his partner Rebecca Holliday set of on the trip of a lifetime to raise £1 for every mile they cycle. Now 7 months and 6,000 miles into their trip, you can follow them with their blog, see their route and check out their fantastic image gallery. (Search for the stunning shots of the frozen bikes and wonderful scenery).