Fifty Year Westminster College Reunion

5 September 2018

On the 5th September this year, Alumni Officer Mollie Ashley from Oxford Brookes arranged a visit to our old College of Westminster, now Harcourt Hill campus. This visit was celebrating a full half-century since we arrived as fresh students at teacher-training college in 1968.

Most of us are still here, albeit a little slower, but some have sadly passed away. They are sincerely missed.

Mollie also arranged for a viewing of old photographs and journals from our era, which we found very interesting indeed. We then visited the sports facilities and pool, which were being used, thankfully, by the local community. Some of us harked back to a few 'sound thrashings' at football, rugby & cricket on those pitches. Still, we did win slightly more than we lost, so were in credit.

We finished our hour-long tour by visiting our old houses, where still standing. Great memories. Then looking at archives from long ago in the research area. We were all pleased to see that the college is being maintained to a good standard.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this tour & thank Mollie and other staff for their hard work looking after the old-timers. Care in the Community does actually work !!

Dave Wickham '71