1964 BA General Cohort 56 years on!

March 2020

BA General Reunion

"Numbering in total only about 40, we were the first students to benefit from the London External BA General course to be run at what was then Oxford College of Technology. With so few of us spread across all the subjects on offer, it is not surprising that close friendships were forged, not only amongst our intake, but extending to those on the BSc Economics course already established in the college.

Although some friendships were maintained, we did not meet again as a group from the date of our graduation in 1967 to our first reunion in 2007, by which time most of us had retired. Since then, we have met regularly, ‘finding’ more of those with whom we had lost contact as the years went by.

We are pleased to be joined at our reunions by our French and German Lecturers, Mark Bannister and John Warren.

Alumni might recognise Professor Byron Mikellides who studied with us from 1964 and went on to make his career at the college as it progressed through Polytechnic to Oxford Brookes University."

Sheila Goodall '67