Kit Cutter '14 and Sarah Clarke

Each year fifty Brookes’ Sport, Coaching and Physical Education students benefit from mentoring by industry professionals - including many who are Brookes alumni. Many also offer other opportunities including placements.

Alumnus, Kit Cutter ‘14 - Managing Coach at Boing Kids - gives students the chance to put theory into practice via a coaching placement. This provision is designed to make PE in Primary Schools more inclusive, engaging and motivating for each child. This is achieved via a play-based, constructivist approach.

Kit explains, “At Boing Kids we have built a community of learning with Brookes students. I advise on both professional skills and dissertations. We have 25 students involved in the programme and my role includes mentoring them.”

Sarah Clarke is mentored by Kit, and is developing her professional skills by teaching three classes a week. She believes it is an incredibly valuable experience, “I take the theory from my lectures and apply it to my work with Boing Kids. The experience should help me get a place on a PGCE course to become a Primary School PE teacher.”

Kit is one of over 250 mentors currently helping students across a wide range of subjects. By giving a little of their time, they are making a great contribution to Brookes students’ skills and putting them in a great position to launch successful careers.

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