In Memory of Andrzej Galan, 1965 - 2015

Andrzej Galan passed away on 1st January 2015, aged 49.



Andrzej was both an Alumnus and former member of staff of Oxford Brookes, having studied Visual Studies and Publishing whilst the University was still a Polytechnic (1986 - 1989) and later working as a Design Officer in the Communications Department. On July 6th 2014 Andrzej was hit by a car while trying to cross a busy highway (the SE-30 in Sevilla, where he had been living for the past 10 years), and had been in hospital ever since. In the last month he was regaining consciousness of things around him, starting to speak again, answer questions. Complications in his respiratory system overtaxed his heart. He was resuscitated, but it stopped again on January 1st definitively.


Andrzej replied to the callout for stories about time spent at Oxford Brookes for our 2015 celebrations with this anecdote:

My time at the Poly, Brookes, would be for my graphic design prof, Don Antonio Evora. He taught everything I know regards design and art and life and music. He is always in my heart. I could tell more than 150 stories about him… So now I will smoke a Cuban cigar and have a glass of Mojito.


Andrzej is survived by his wife, Anne, and sons Adrian and Tomas. She described him as 'painter, guitarist and wonderful person.'