In memory of Anthea Rogers


Anthea Rogers was a well-known, prominent and senior staff member of The Business School.

She graduated from the University of Wales with an honours degree in Industrial Economics. Following this she spent a number of years in retail management, where her enthusiasm for Economics and Management of Services developed.

She took a variety of part-time posts while rearing her two sons until she joined Oxford Polytechnic in 1971. She taught Business and Managerial Economics with Tourism and Entrepreneurial studies as special topics. She was awarded an MPhil for research on pricing in the Hotel Industry and a Diploma in Curriculum Development.

Memories from her friends and colleagues:

"By strange coincidence I referred to Anthea in our Department meeting last week saying how as Deputy Dean she had a real vision of what she wanted to achieve which was Teaching Excellence (we would probably call it 'Student Experience' nowadays) and she drove a quality drive which lead us to become one of only two Business Schools in the country Manchester Business School - one of the oldest and most prestigeous- being the other one) to achieve 24/24 in the QAA audit in BOTH Economics and Business and Management......"

"I was then affectionately reminded of the handwritten memos (pre-mail) on green, amber, and red paper she would send us!!!! I only ever received one memo on red paper which was in my first month at Brookes when she questioned my telephone bill as I had the highest telephone bill in the school yet no students or modules!!!!! I assured her it would never happen again and it was never mentioned again....."

"I also remember going to her with a health scare in the family (when my wife was pregnant with my now healthy 16 year old daughter) and there was a real warmth and compassion which gave me strength and a sense of belonging to the 'Business School family'.....It may be some comfort to know that her vision and legacy still live on in the Business school if only in hearts and minds...."
Dan Ganly- Senior Lecturer in Business Management

"Anthea died in November 2013 after along period of ill health bravely borne  She remained cheerful and devoted to her family and animals throughout.  As a colleague Anthea was always hardworking and cooperative and she was a much-valued friend who will be sadly missed by all he knew her."
Renate Barber

"I sought Anthea's advice once when I was thinking of applying for promotion to Principal Lectureship under a university-wise scheme then. She said  'Do apply and if you are successful, wonderful but if you are not, do not worry too much - it's a lottery'. I sometimes remember the  'promotion as lottery' line!"
Professor Pritam Singh - Department of Accounting Finance and Economics

"She was my PhD supervisor at the School of Business.  I really learnt a great deal from her, not only about doing research and teaching, but also about life in general too. She has contributed immensely to my academic and personal development.  I am deeply sorry to hear about her death".
Professor Erdogan Koc