Iraj Parvaneh - in memoriam

Iraj Parvaneh

Byron Mikellides remembers the life of Iraj Parvaneh (1934-2018)

We are sorry to announce the death of Iraj on the 13th September 2018 in Germany. The funeral took place last Saturday the 13th of October at the Wolvercote Cemetery, Oxford. Many former students and staff came to pay their last respects to Iraj in a moving ceremony organised by his family.

Iraj was an influential and likable member of staff over the years. The students were particularly fond of Iraj for his dedication and help in photography, design, printing, hifi and music.

The current Head of the Oxford School of Architecture, Matt Gaskin said that “we will remember the great character and expertise, he brought to the School”. Christopher Cross (7th Head) commented that ”Iraj was a wonderful man, a great guy, we will miss him”. Other Heads of School, John Stevenson (9th Head) and Mike Jenks (10th Head) were very sad about the news.

This photo was taken last year in May when Iraj came to the 90th anniversary of the Doric Club and the birth of the Oxford School.