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Shuofu Yang '09

Course studied:
MSc Motorsport Engineering

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Pictured at his favourite part of Wheatley campus - the motorsport workshop!

Shuofu Yang in Wheatley's motorsport lab

About your experience

  1. What made you choose Brookes as a place to study?
    1. Outstanding advantages in motorsport engineering
  2. Could you tell us what you enjoyed the most about your course?
    1. The test benches and workshop, nice combination between theory and reality
  3. Did you make friends here? Was it easy?
    1. Yes, everybody is petrol head
  4. When you were studying at Brookes, what was your favourite part of campus?
    1. Motorsport workshop
  5. Would you recommend this course to another student, if yes, why?
    1. Yes, Brookes is always a good choice for learning motorsport engineering
  6. What do you like most about living in Oxford? Did you have a favourite place in Oxford?
    1. If yes, please share. Nice city and long history. Wheatly campus!
  7. Describe your time at Brookes in one word.
    1. Passion

Your position and industry

  1. Do you feel like your course has helped you to achieve your goals?
    1. Yes, I am still on the way
  2. What are your long term career goals?
    1. To be a chassis tuning engineer
  3. What was your inspiration to move into your current profession?
    1. To drive the car and tune the car
  4. What is the best advice someone has given you?
    1. Self-management and planning is very important
  5. What advice would you give to other International students?
    1. Communicate with other as much as you can
  6. After graduating from Brookes what were the next steps for your career?
    1. Rally team, BMW China and technical service
  7. What success stories/achievements have you had in your role?
    1. Involved with chassis tuning of BMW Chinese domestic models
  8. Are you currently working with Brookes? If not would you be interested in mentoring a student?
    1. No. Yes, I am
  9. What is your best memory of your time at Oxford Brookes?
    1. Went to Silverstone for a test session of Reynard motorsport