UK alumni profiles

There are Oxford Brookes alumni right across the UK. They include leading lights in their sectors and many support current Brookes students and/or recent graduates through career mentoring, work placements or internships.

  • Melody Hossaini

    Melody Hossaini '06 - Founder & CEO, InspirEngage International

    LLB (Hons) Law

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  • Andrew Hynard

    Andrew Hynard '81 - Honorary Graduate and Chief Executive

    Estate Management

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  • Leila Singh

    Leila Singh '94 - Sales Executive, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Financial Services

    Accounting & Finance and Retail Management

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  • Chris Percival

    Chris Percival '13 - Chief Executive, Jigsaw Medical

    Paramedic Emergency Care

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  • Sameer Rana

    Sameer Rana '11 - Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    MSc Marketing

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  • Adam Darrah

    Adam Darrah '09 - 3D Artist at The Mill

    MSc Digital Media Production

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  • Gina Akers

    Gina Akers '03 - TV/ Radio Presenter and Beauty Salon Owner

    Business and Management

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  • Jayne Edge

    Jayne Edge '85 - Senior Marketing Manager at ResponseTap

    Hotel and Catering Management (BSc)

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  • Emma Long

    Emma Long '95 - Cookery Writer

    Hotel and Catering Management (BSc)

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  • Frank Salisbury

    Frank Salisbury '90 - Chairman and Director of Academic Standards at Business & Training Solutions International Ltd

    Masters Research Degree in Philosophy (MPhil)

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  • Verena Throp

    Verena Throp '02 - Medical Director of SPERO-HOPE CIC, Eating disorder support service

    Adult Nursing

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  • Andrew Batchelor

    Andrew Batchelor '82 - Hotel Manager at The Lancaster London

    Mentors students and hosts alumni events at his hotel.

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  • David Israel

    David Israel '92- Director of Development

    Regularly donates to Brookes Annual Fund giving future students access to further study.

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  • Emma Hawes

    Emma Hawes '09 - Senior Production Editor at Oxford University Press

    Gives guest lectures to publishing students.

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  • Gaby Jeffs

    Gaby Jeffs '88 - Video Producer and Director at own company, Magneto Films

    Has produced several fundraising videos for Brookes Development and Emergency Practice Programme.

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  • Gareth Reakes

    Gareth Reakes '99 - Entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer at We7

    Talks to students about entrepreneurism and attends Brookes events.

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  • Gill Minikin

    Gill Minikin '12 - Teacher

    Has given a seminar as part of a Continuing Professional Development series for education students.

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  • Monawar Hussain

    Monawar Hussain '98 - Theologist, Iman and businessman

    Plays a key role in Brookes community initiatives.

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  • Tim West

    Tim West '77- Chairman of Lexington Catering Company

    Founding member of the Bacchus mentor scheme and visiting fellow.

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  • Adrian Reynard

    Adrian Reynard '72 - Designed and built the first Reynard car

    Visiting Professor giving lectures to postgraduate students as well as loaning a F1, F3 and an INDY car to the Department.

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