Henry France '08

Marketing Manager at a digital agency

Henry France

How has your career developed to where you are today?

Started off in bar management before realising it was a lot of hours for little pay. Moved into an account exec role with a print agency for a couple of years before moving cities to a digital agency as an digital account manager. I then made the switch of dicioplines to marketing (as an exec) before being promoted to senior, then digital marketing manager then marketing manager (all within 6 years).

How has your student experience and degree help you in your career?

I realised that above all else. I’m a people-oriented person and I need to be interacting and dealing with people on a regular basis to get the most out of my job. My joint honours degree was in psychology and business, which in a way, was perfect for marketing! When I was a student I learned that I work best as part of a team and actually have good leadership skill although I’m happy doing my fair share for the team.

What were the highlights of your time at Brookes?

I made friends for life with about 6 people that I shared halls and houses with over the three years.

I loved the city itself (size and culture) and loved the student atmosphere of places like Cowley Road and the union itself.

I also thought the teaching staff (particularly on the psychology side was exceptional and really gave me a genuine passion for a subject I knew very little about before going to uni).

Where did you live as a student (what halls and/or street)?

Warneford Halls, then moved to Cowley Road (shared with eight other guys!) and then to a smaller house (with three others) on East Avenue.

Are you still friends with people you met at Brookes?

Yes, I keep in regular contact with at least eight people that I lived with and have since been usher at a few of their weddings and make time to see as often as I can.

Has anybody or anything been a particular inspiration – in your career or life in general?

Johnny Lawson was great but Mark Burgess was very inspiring as a lecturer and as a person. He was a great help to me thoughour uni. In terms of after uni, I found inspiration in a few well known leaders and motivational speakers (Rand Fishkin and Mark Ritson for marketing, Sarah Knight for a wonderful book on ‘How to get sh*t done’ and my wife for constantly pushing me and backing my choices). I’ve also worked for a couple of businesses that have been super supportive with my career aspirations and goals.

What is your proudest achievement?

Working with some large brands that have truely accepted me and my advice was/is extremely gratifying as it helped me get over imposter syndrome stuff that everyone goes through and legitimise all the hard work I’ve put in.

What ambitions have you yet to achieve?

I want to win more awards for our work (team effort!). I haven’t ruled out owning my own business in the future either but I try not to set huge long term goals as so much can change in such a short period of time. I don’t care too much about job role or even salary but if I can achieve a level where I can provide my family with the sort of upbringing I had then I will be happy in life!