Example projects

Over the past few years over 50 projects have been brought to life in the local and university community by talented and passionate students. Here are a few examples.


Willow weaving for adults with autism and learning disabilities

Co-farmer working with Anna Michell Photo: Howard Stanbury

In 2016/17, Occupational Therapy student Anna Michell teamed up with FarmAbilty and held willow weaving workshops for adults with autism or learning disabilities (co-farmers). The final products were included in the ArtWeeks Exhibition.

FarmAbility Head Gardener Clare Farley said:

“A new activity achieved so well! In the longer term, it will become a regular winter activity, we had interest from people who attended the exhibition wanting us to make things for them, this gives further opportunities for co-farmers to engage in a meaningful activity for others, and gain recognition for their work.

"Last, but not least we are also now able to make useful items which can be used in a practical way in garden.“




Gardening and cooking for children with special educational needs

Cooking at Chiltern Wood school

Jo Morris was awarded funding to plant a kitchen garden at the Special Educational Needs school Chiltern Wood School, Buckingham in 2016/17. The children used produce from the garden to have cooking lessons.

Deputy Head Cate Bill said:

“The children are enjoying watching and eating the fruits of their labour (especially the strawberries). The impact of the donation is clear to see – the outdoor area (previously tired and slightly unloved) has a new lease of life and has provided inspiration to the pupils.

"Learning practical skills associated with gardening is essential for pupils with Special Educational Needs and the outcomes are both measurable and clear to see: the pupils have developed confidence and team building skills, together with an understanding of how nature works and where their own food comes from. They have gained genuine pleasure from watching their hard work produce such great results. Fantastic!”


Zine workshops for adults with learning disabilities

Zine workshop

A group of students ran six Zine workshops for adults with learning disabilities over the summer of 2017.

Nigel Kenneth Taylor, a participant, said:

“Our tutors Tania, Andy and Mark have been really helpful and supportive. They have been really patient and understanding, and encouraging in teaching us all that they have on the course. It has to taught me so much to attend this course and to learn new things which I did not think I would ever manage to do. I would like to say that coming on this course and learning from Tania, Andy and Mark has really boosted my confidence.”


Previous projects

  • Art and crafts workshops for adults with mental health needs.
  • A breakfast club in a homeless hostel - part-run by the residents, boosting their skills and confidence.
  • Climbing Wall - weekly sessions for pupils, many of them special needs, from a local school, with some amazing and unexpected outcomes!
  • A cowshed-to-pottery conversion.
  • A wheelchair basketball club to allow people both with and without disabilities to take part together.
  • Healthy eating classes for students, to equip them to prepare healthy, affordable meals and increase their confidence in the kitchen.