The Slow Loris Project

The Primate Society of Great Britain chose the Little Fireface Project (the original name for the Slow Loris Project) as their 2012 Conservation project.

Not only was this a mark of esteem but it means that the Slow Loris Fund would benefit from all the Society's marketing proceeds and donations to conservation.

Slow loris

The Slow Loris Project was launched to raise awareness of the plight of this small creature. As one of the Top 25 most endangered primates in the world the Javan loris is under a huge threat due to extensive loss of its habits, the high demand for these animals by the pet trade and for its use in traditional medicines.

Dr Anna Nekaris -an Oxford-based zoologist who has studied lorises for nearly twenty years - is keen to increase the understanding of this poisonous primate and a donation to the fund will help to protect the Slow Loris by:

  • supporting conservation education activities in slow loris range countries
  • providing important funds for field work and further research
  • providing scholarships for students to be able to study for Masters and PhD degrees to carry out these important studies

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