In Memory of Lucy Cupples

Mrs C." from 1983/4 in the Inter Library Loans Unit of the library which she ran for many years. On first impressions people may have thought her quite formidable but she was dedicated to her work and was always a kind and supportive colleague.

I have two lasting memories of Mrs Cupples. Being a keen gardener and cook she enjoyed using the produce from her garden. At Christmas she produced the most delicious but very potent Damson Gin. On the last day we were open before Christmas Mrs C. would bring in various food items and plenty of the Damson Gin. Throughout the day we would be visited by various members of staff who had used the service during the year and who came to "toast the season" with us. By the end of the day we both had a nice rosy glow!
My second memory is of travelling with her to a training session in Bristol. As we drove along the motorway she suddenly insisted we both sang "Happy Birthday" to the car which had just clocked up another 1000 miles! A tradition I still continue today ...
Wendy Jones