Get that job! Alumni Career Sessions

Join us for three on-line sessions designed to help you take some positive and proactive steps in equipping yourself to navigate through the current job market uncertainties!

Sessions are designed to help you consider fundamental careers questions such as where you are now, where you might be going and all the practicalities of how you might get there.

Each session will be delivered by one, or more, members of the Oxford Brookes Careers Team. We will highlight further relevant resources and support available to you.

The aim is to help you get some focus and enhance your approach on getting that job and boosting your career skills!

Each session will run twice and you may attend any of the sessions.


Career 1

 10:00 GMT 09/06

Career 2

 14:00 GMT 09/06

Career Factors - Cutting through career uncertainty and tactics for success
• Career Factors for the 21st C – navigating through change and uncertainty.
• Job Sectors – how to find out more about particular job families and particular roles?
• Job searching – beyond the obvious! How best to approach it for maximum effectiveness? Includes insights into LinkedIn.

Applications 1

 10:00 GMT 09/06

Applications 2

 15:30 GMT 09/06

Great Applications – How to impress on-line and on paper 
• Effective CVs, covering letters and applications – spruce up your approach to maximise your chances of getting shortlisted!
• How to structure and tailor an effective CV.
• Ensure your cover letter stands out for the right reasons.
• Advice on how to make your applications the best they can be.

Volunteering 1

 10:00 GMT 10/06

Volunteering 2

 14:00 GMT 10/06

Volunteering - How to stand out from the crowd 
• Volunteering as work experience: find out the what, why and how of volunteering.
• Micro-volunteering: gaining valuable experience from home.
• Boost your applications! Gain some practical tips on reflective writing and articulating your volunteering experiences to employers.

We look forward to seeing you!

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