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Frequently asked questions

We receive a number of common questions. The questions and answers below may help you quickly find the answer you are seeking.

Q. Why does it take up to two business days for my registration to be completed?
A. We need to verify your identity against our database to protect your personal details. We do this with a manual check against the database in the first instance to ensure your privacy is protected.

Q. What do I do if I have lost my certificate?
The process will depend on whether your certificate was issued by Oxford Brookes University, Oxford Polytechnic or Westminster College. For full details on how to request a reissue of any of these certificates, see Certificates, award verification and transcripts > Certificate reissue.

For older, Oxford Polytechnic, enquiries (CNAA pre 1992) please contact the department below (as we no longer hold the records):

CNAA Aftercare Service
Open University Validation Services
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes

Tel: +44 (0)1908 332851
Tel: +44 (0)1908 332852
Fax: +44 (0)1908 332841

Q. How can I get in contact with old friends?
If you wish to contact a former classmate who studied at Brookes, it is best to start by searching the alumni directory. If you're unable to find the person you're looking for, please contact the Alumni Officer, who will forward messages to fellow alumni for whom we have correct contact details.

Q. How do I organise a reunion?
A. If you wish to organise a reunion, we can help. To read more about getting involved and for contact details for support with reunions, see our reunions pages.

Q. I need a transcript of my degree, how do I obtain one?
You need to make a request through Student Central.

Q. I have filled out an application form for my free Alumni Benefit card and I have not received it. Can you tell me what the delay is?
In periods of particularly high volume, like after graduation ceremonies, it can take us several weeks to process the hundreds of applications we receive. Please contact the Alumni Officer if you have further questions.

Q. I have just completed my studies and wish to take up membership of the 'Alumni Association.' What do I need to do?
When you leave Oxford Brookes University, you are automatically added to our alumni database. To take advantage of our full services, you should sign up for your free alumni membership card.

Q. I graduated from Brookes some time ago and understand that, as an alumnus, I can get access to the Library. How do I go about this?
We have negotiated with the Library so that, as an alumnus of Oxford Brookes, you can gain access to many of its resources for an annual fee of £50. Please see the library website for more details. Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions you will be unable to use any Electronic Library/Athens Resources, Computer Services resources or facilities such as pooled rooms.

Q. What is my alumni ID number?
Your id number can be found on your alumni membership card or on alumni e-newsletters. Alternatively, you can obtain it by emailing the Alumni Officer or by calling 01865 484989.

Q. Can I continue to use the Centre for Sport facilities?
If you wish to use the Centre for Sport please go to the Centre, fill out an alumni sports form and indicate which subscription you would like. They will then issue you with a Centre for Sport card.

Q. Can I keep my Brookes email address when I graduate?
No. However, Oxford Brookes now offers email-for-life to alumni, regardless of when they graduated. The basic webmail account is free.