Brookes Connections

Brookes Connections is an online platform that enables you to e-network with fellow alumni by searching their profile and asking them questions. You can also mentor current students or fellow alumni by answering their one-off questions or participating in a structured scheme. 

It is completely free and open to all alumni of Oxford Brookes, Oxford Polytechnic and other predecessor institutions.


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How to sign-up to Brookes Connections

In order to register for Brookes Connections and start setting up your account, you will need to register for an Alumni account first. You can then login to Brookes Connections with the same details, and set-up your profile.

If you don't have an alumni account, please create one:


If you already have an alumni account, follow the link below to access Brookes Connections:


If you are having trouble signing up, please have a look at this more in-depth tutorial.


Brookes Connections Features

A full listing of everyone in the online community with full search facilities and instant filters.

By joining the platform, you are free to search, in-platform message and network with alumni professionals. Most alumni sync their Linked-In profile when setting up their account; thus, you will be able to view this information, and sync your own account to your profile.

A full peer-to-peer online mentoring platform.

Anyone can be a mentor and/or a mentee. There are then 2 ways to start a mentoring relationship:

  1. "Ask a Question"
    For anyone who would like to connect on a one-off basis for careers-related advice. You can search for mentors in particular industries/sectors and ask them a one-off question about anything career-related. This option is open all year round, once you’ve signed up.

  2. Advanced Mentoring Schemes
    Brookes Connections gives you the opportunity to join advanced mentoring schemes. Participation in these schemes generally involves a deeper relationship between the mentor and mentee.