Career mentoring for Oxford Brookes Students

Brookes Connections

You can connect with hundreds of alumni (Brookes graduates) in professional roles across a range of sectors by joining Brookes Connections – a free career mentoring and networking platform for Brookes students.

In these challenging times, mentors can help you take a step back and assess your situation, options and next steps. They can also provide insight into their sectors, and what sort of opportunities are currently out there, or are likely to be in the short to medium-term.

This service is available to Brookes students in all subjects, year groups and levels of study.

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"I have learned a lot about industry specifics from someone that had experience and I would not have had the opportunity to talk to otherwise."

  • advice and encouragement from an experienced professional
  • assistance in setting clear career goals and sense of career direction
  • strategies for dealing with academic issues
  • increased social and academic confidence
  • support to prepare you for your chosen career
  • insights and connections from alumni to enhance your career prospects.
  • Advice and guidance once you have graduated (up to three years out)

The programme is delivered online by Oxford Brookes alumni. You choose who you want to mentor you and/or who to ask questions - based on their professional and educational background.

Ask a Question

Our "Ask a Question" programme is an excellent resource for both mentors and students who are unable to commit to a long-term mentoring relationship but would like to connect on a one-off basis for careers-related advice. You can search for mentors in particular industries/sectors and ask them a one-off question about anything career-related. This option is open all year round, once you’ve signed up.


Advanced E-mentoring Schemes

Brookes Connections gives you the opportunity to partner with a mentor of your choice, for a six week period, in which you will be provided further career guidance and discussion materials to help you through your mentorship.

You may cover topics such as setting career goals, job applications, interview tips and networking.

Once on the platform, you can search for alumni mentors who are signed up to deliver the six week scheme (view them on your dashboard or through filtering alumni in search) and match with them. Contact is likely to be on a weekly basis. You can only connect with one mentor at a time, but you can always sign up again for another scheme with a different mentor in the next semester.

Remember: you can still ask one off questions to other alumni through ‘Ask a Question’ all year round, even if you are already taking part in the six week scheme. The scheme runs twice a year, starting in October for Semester 1, and February for Semester 2.

We are also piloting a Recent Graduates' Network Scheme, welcome to graduates up to three years out. Alumni mentors will provide advice and guidance to students who have recently graduated; helping settle them into the workplace, or assist in their job search. 

Once you are on the platform, you will be able to filter mentors via Advanced Mentoring, and apply for them to be your mentor. 

"It’s been interested to hear experiences about someone who has already been there and done it."

You can select a mentor according to the criteria important to you. Who you choose will depend on you but some possible reasons for selecting a mentor include:

  • They work in a sector or industry you’re interested in.
  • They live or work abroad and can give cultural insights about the job, and living/working in another country.
  • They studied a similar subject to you.
  • They hold a senior position in your chosen industry and can help inform your future ambitions and priorities.
  • They have recently graduated and can give you advice about recruitment practices you might face.
  • They can explain how their qualification relates to their day to day job, and about transferable skills.

Are you:

  • a current student looking for a career mentor?
  • looking for advice on what to do next?
  • hoping to widen your network?
  • seeking out new opportunities?
  • wanting to find out more information about a particular industry?

If any of the above apply to you, then Brookes Connections would be a good programme for you to join.