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Brookes Connections

Brookes Connections for Alumni

Brookes Connections is an online platform that enables you to e-network with fellow alumni by searching their profile and asking them questions. You can also mentor students by answering their one-off questions or participating in a structured scheme. You will help students who are pro-actively seeking one-to-one careers advice, support and insight into your profession.

It is open to all alumni of Oxford Brookes, Oxford Polytechnic and other predecessor institutions.

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Brookes Connections Update

We are now recruiting alumni mentors to join our advanced mentoring schemes, which are centered around boosting our current students' employability. There is an option to mentor on 4 and/or 6 week schemes. Students will view mentor profiles and match with an alumnus who best suits their career needs. The deadline for applications is 16 March 2018.

Please sign-in, and scroll to the bottom of your mentor profile page for more information. If you are new to Brookes Connections, please sign-in and you will be prompted to sign up to these schemes when setting up your profile.

  • an opportunity to reflect your own practice
  • enhanced job satisfaction
  • the chance to search for lost friends, network and share best practice with fellow alumni
  • the satisfaction of giving a motivated student increased knowledge, skills and experience in attaining their career goals
  • a reinforcement of your own study skills and knowledge of your subjects
  • professional relationships
  • enhanced peer recognition for your skills and experience
  • personal satisfaction through supporting the development of others.

Ask a Question

Our “Ask a Question” programme is an excellent resource for both mentors and students who are unable to commit to a long-term mentoring relationship but would like to connect on a one-off basis for careers-related advice. Alumni and students will decide whether to ask you a question based on the relevance of your professional and educational background on your mentoring profile.

When you first sign onto Brookes Connections, you will have the choice to set-up your mentoring profile and will automatically be set up for “Ask a Question” services. You can pause mentoring at anytime, and become invisible to students.

Ten-week e-mentoring scheme

Brookes Connections gives students the opportunity to partner with you for a ten week period. You will help them with topics such as setting career goals, job applications, interview tips and networking.

You will only be able to mentor one student at a time on the 10 week programme, however, you may still be asked one-off questions through ‘Ask a Question’. We would recommend that you engage with your mentee at least once a week, with the method of communication chosen e.g. email. The first 10 week programme will start in term 2 (end of january/february). If you are thinking of taking part, please sign on to the platform before the start of the 10 week programme, so there is sufficient time for a student to match with you.

This scheme is likely to be very rewarding for both mentor and student - however there is a time commitment involved and you do not have to offer this support if you are concerned about that commitment.

Once you are on the platform, you will be able to apply to be a mentor on the 10 week programme on your mentoring profile. It is then up to a student to match with you. 


If you would like more information on the schemes please download the mentor training and user guide located on the right hand side toolbar.

Brookes Connections can deliver:

  • personal and professional development
  • a new perspective on your job
  • profile raising for your company
  • a pipeline to our best new graduate talent
  • networking opportunities via our LinkedIn mentors’ group.

You will:

  • be willing to share your skills, knowledge and expertise
  • demonstrate a positive attitude and act as a positive role model
  • be able to provide guidance and constructive feedback
  • be able to motivate students by setting a good example
  • be willing to provide support, job search advice and career guidance.

It all takes place online, on our easy to navigate portal site where you can enter your professional and educational details - or simply import details from your LinkedIn profile. You will need an alumni netcommunity account to sign in. If you have an alumni netcommunity account please use these details to sign in through the alumni login box (on the right hand side of this page).  If you are not sure whether you have an account or need to create one please go to:

It may be useful to bookmark the page: as this is how you will log in each time with your netcommunity details. 

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