Brookes Connections


Connecting Brookes Alumni through networking and mentoring: Impact so far

Brookes Connections, Brookes’ university-wide alumni e-mentoring scheme officially launched in February, 2018. After a year of hard work for the Alumni team, our promise to increase our worldwide engagement with our Alumni and offer a career mentoring service, available to all students, became a reality.

Brookes Connections currently hosts 400 people, with over 200 alumni signed up to the platform to network with other alumni professionals. We have alumni mentor representation from the UK, USA, Africa, UAE, Asia and Australia. We are trying to grow our pool of international mentors.

Mentors around the world

We currently have over 100 alumni signed-up to mentor current students through our on-going and flexible ‘Ask a Question’ e-networking. They are also encouraged to join advanced schemes such as the summer, recent graduate and various semester schemes. Students are able to search for inspirational mentors via filters and keywords, and then contact them or match with them on an advanced scheme.

The first round of advanced scheme mentorships, which finished recently, have been a success! With 12 partnerships, who have reported meeting each other for coffee, skyping from overseas and telephoning each other each week. These students recognise how important this advice is and are looking to make a professional contact for life.

Sign-in to start mentoring a student on the six-week October course or Recent Graduate Scheme.

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Brookes Connections - what's in it for you

  • an opportunity to reflect your own practice
  • enhanced job satisfaction
  • the chance to search for lost friends, network and share best practice with fellow alumni
  • the satisfaction of giving a motivated student increased knowledge, skills and experience in attaining their career goals
  • a reinforcement of your own study skills and knowledge of your subjects
  • professional relationships
  • enhanced peer recognition for your skills and experience
  • personal satisfaction through supporting the development of others.
  • career advice and encouragement from an experienced professional
  • assistance in setting clear career goals and sense of career direction
  • strategies for dealing with academic issues
  • increased social and academic confidence
  • support to prepare you for your chosen career, eg first hand help applying for a job opportunity
  • insights and connections from alumni to enhance your career prospects, eg a professional contact for life, a reference or recommendation
  • advice and guidance once you have graduated (up to three years out)

The programme is delivered online by Oxford Brookes alumni. You choose who you want to mentor you and/or who to ask questions - based on their professional and educational background.