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Why become a mentor?

Mentoring is a way of giving back to Brookes by helping students and recent graduates to succeed in today’s highly competitive job market. For a talented young graduate, the experience and knowledge gained from mentoring can be key to getting a start in their ideal career.

Pradeepa Kolli

"Being a mentor has given me an opportunity to give back to help early career talent."

Pradeepa Kolli, alumna and Head of Global SDR/Inside Sales at Workplace@Facebook

As well as making a potentially life-changing difference to students and recent graduates’ futures, it can also be a tremendous learning experience for mentors themselves, enabling you to develop inter-personal skills and gaining new perspectives on your work.

Dan O'Driscoll

"Countless times I've been mentoring someone and come away feeling like I've learnt so much from the experience."

Daniel O'Driscoll, alumnus and Executive Coach and Consultant

It is a flexible way of giving back - you choose who and how many mentees you wish to mentor. And it also provides professional networking opportunities, both with mentees and your fellow alumni mentors. For most mentors, it is a richly rewarding experience.

Ella Barrington

"Almost every interaction I've had as a mentor has left me with an enormous sense of positivity and pride. It, quite frankly, restores my faith in the future of humankind!"

Ella Barrington, alumna and Commercial Project Manager


What does becoming a mentor entail?

As a mentor, you will give advice and share your professional experiences with new graduates or current students.

Initial contact with mentees is through the Brookes Connections platform, and you can then mutually agree the form contact will take (email, phone etc). The time commitment is also agreed with your mentee. We recommend a total of 12-16 hours during the advanced mentoring relationship.

There is a comprehensive guide available, with step-by-step suggestions on how to conduct the mentoring relationship to ensure it is beneficial to both you and your mentees.


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