Consider the impact of a life changed through your support

A donation in partnership with a student not just change things for them now - the whole course of their life can be different because of it.

Your gift could support a student to train in humanitarian aid, or a group of students inspired to make their difference in the community, or someone studying to be an expert of the future.

Your support, together with the ability and vision of our students, can have far reaching, significant impact.

  • Brookes Alumni Fund

    Brookes Alumni Fund

    Your support can have a real impact in people's lives through any of the areas outlined above, wherever the need is greatest.

  • Abel

    Centre for Development and Emergency Practice Scholarships

    To enable students to come to Oxford Brookes to train in humanitarian aid. They go on to work in situations of need and emergency for a lifetime. Learn more about what DEP students have been doing all over the world.

  • Chris

    Student Support

    Today’s students are tomorrow’s experts. By supporting students you can change their lives and become part of solving significant local and global issues. Find out more about the important and inspiring learning and research in which our students are engaged.

  • Student Opportunities

    Student Opportunities

    To provide funding for students who have the vision and enthusiasm to set up projects in support of the local community. Read about the unexpected ways in which projects have had an impact on the lives of those with whom the students are working.