Sarah Veale 1978

Course studied:
English and History

Member of the Regulatory Policy Committee

Former Board member at Equality and Human Rights Commission and former Head of Equality and Employment Rights at the TUC.

Sarah Veale

“Being a student at Oxford Polytechnic was a very happy experience indeed. I really enjoyed my course and the social and cultural life that went with it. I even enjoyed the weekend job that I did to enhance my grant! I learned just about everything that I needed to launch myself into a rewarding and varied career. I am not sure that I appreciated at the time how much my years at the Poly would influence my life.

"The greatest thing about the Poly and now Brookes is its cosmopolitan and diverse atmosphere and its feeling of academic confidence. It is a widely respected institution not just in the UK but around the globe."

Sarah was also President of the Students' Union after graduating.