Peter Watts 1992

Course studied:
BA Business Studies

Currently working as a Business Trainer.


What made you choose Brookes as a place to study?
The reputation of, as it then was, Oxford Polytechnic.

What did you think of the courses you studied at Brookes?
What knowledge/experiences in particular gained on your course(s) have you used in your future work. My law lectures with Beryl Grant will always stay in my mind. In addition to the teaching the law syllabus, Beryl Grant also challenged us to think, and to argue. Her mantra “there is no such thing as a right or wrong answer, but merely a well-argued case” has stayed with me ever since.

What were the best bits of studying at Brookes?
Great resources, from Faculty through to student life.

After graduating from Brookes what were the next steps in your career?
I joined Dell as a salesperson. I then continued to work for them for the next ten years, moving from sales into marketing, and from there into training. Today I am a freelance trainer.

How have you been involved with Brookes recently?
Doing occasional alumni speaking events for the Alumni team. I find it incredibly enjoyable and rewarding to present to other alumni and hope to be doing more of it.

What have been the successes and personally benefits in getting involved?
An odd sense of coming home! It’s always a pleasure to be able to walk around the campus again, and a very great pleasure to work with the Alumni team.

What do you recommend to others who would like to get involved with the university?
Think about what you can contribute, and then contact the Alumni team at Brookes.