David Israel 1992

Course studied:
Estate Management

Fundraiser. Arbonne Consultant. Connecter. Partnership development. Skill Will Ambassador. Salesman and Trustee.

David Israel

How did your course or lecturers inspire you?

In my second year I confided in my course tutor that I was considering running for the Presidency of the Students’ Union. I went to see how this would impact on my course and expected to be told of the dire consequences. He could not have been more supportive. As a result I was able to fully engage with my campaign for the post, keep up with coursework and, of course, represent my department proudly across the University.

Following that year I was given support again as I became involved with the National Union of Students National Executive, particularly when it came to my dissertation. I will never forget my dissertation tutor saying what a difference it had made within the department to have had a student involved with the Union.

What did you do when you left Oxford Brookes?

I joined Berkeley Homes to do two years of training to become a Chartered Surveyor.

What success stories have you had?

As a result of my time within the Students’ Union I have become an effective fundraiser and campaigner in a number of charities and causes. My degree gave me the ability to choose and career I wanted. My Student’s Union experience gave me the confidence to get any role I wanted.

How are you working/ partnering with Brookes currently?

I am a donor to the Brookes Alumni Fund, helping other students to have the same access to the education and experiences I had. In addition, I keep in occasional contact with fellow OBSU activists and have lent my support to recent campaigns.

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What are the benefits personally or commercially to working with Brookes?

Aside from being able to talk about my own personal connections with a class-leading University, I also have the extensive alumni network I can call on when need be for business introductions.

What do you recommend to others who would like to help the university?

Take a moment to consider just how much OBU did for you. Not just in terms of your degree, but the whole student experience. I believe it is incumbent on every graduating student to consider how they can help the institution that has given them so much. Be this as a donor, a mentor for a student, giving talks within the department or University, arranging alumni reunions etc.

How do you see the relationship with Brookes developing?

As a donor I enjoy returning annually to Brookes to meet students directly benefitting from my support. My hope is in time to be able to have more alumni events arranged for alumni based in and around Yorkshire.