Andrew Batchelor 1982

Course studied:

Hotel Manager at The London Lancaster.


How did your course or the lecturers at Oxford Brookes inspire you or help you progress into a particular career?

Having completed the Savoy Management training programme before attending  Brookes I knew I wanted to become a Hotel Manager rather than enter any other sector of the industry.  My attendance at Brookes and the HCIMA course (the final membership qualification) certainly helped me to obtain my first management position and helped me to progress my career.

What success stories/achievements have you had in your role?

I cannot single out any one particular achievement as the hotel is on a journey of improved performance in all areas of the business.  My role is to help my team to continually improve the product, service and profitability of the hotel.  We are never satisfied, all aspects of the hotel can be improved and therefore the next achievement or success story is our focus.

How are you currently working with Oxford Brookes?

My association with Brookes is primarily as a Bacchus mentor and to offer help whenever possible to the faculty. The Lancaster London has hosted various events for the University including the Bacchus Mentoring matchmaking event, Alumni Board and Governors Meeting.

What’s the benefit personally or commercially to working with Oxford Brookes?

My Company and I have benefited hugely from working with Brookes.  On a personal level it has taught me the importance of mentoring in the business and the skills required to be a mentor. My network of industry colleagues has increased. The profile of the Lancaster London has also increased by hosting various events. However the most important benefit for the Lancaster is that we have the opportunity to engage with the students at an early stage. The students are the talent and seniors managers of the future and through work placement and by offering full time employment we are able to fill junior management vacancies.  Once employed, we are able to succession plan and fill more senior roles with enthusiastic and talented individuals which benefits the hotel, guests, and stakeholders.  

How would you like the partnership between Oxford Brookes and yourself to develop?

I would like to build on the relationship we have in place presently.  As a privately owned hotel we are not led by a Head office. We embrace change and strive to adopt best practice in all areas of the business.  We try to achieve this through continual research into the Guiding Principles which drive our business.  I would like to see our partnership develop by being able to tap into the research resources which the University has at its disposal.  In addition I think it could be very beneficial for both the University and the hotel to work collaboratively on a joint project.

What do you recommend to others who would like to help the university?

Forge as closer links as possible as it makes good business sense.

Other comments:

My colleagues and I at the Lancaster London value our relationship with Brookes greatly and we look forward to working together in the future.