Shuo Zhang '04

Course studied:
MBA in Business Administration

Alumni Chapter President in Beijing

What made you choose Brookes as a place to study? 
I  truly believe that education is most basic requirement of a human being. Some people say we are learning through out our whole life, but education system gives us quite limited time to be educated. That is why I spent such a huge amount of time researching in my MBA program. 

In the end, I found Oxford Brookes had everything I needed. As a person who had grown up in communist country like China, I have always been curious about the outside world and Oxford has always attracted me. It was a relaxed atmosphere at the University and my classmates and lecturers were very welcoming. I enjoyed the course that the University offered me and it fulfilled all my educational needs.

What was your inspiration to move into your current profession?
Thanks to the Brookes University, I was able to pursue my dreams. Studying on the MBA program gave me an opportunity not only to communicate with the outside world but also spread this opportunity within China. When I studied in Oxford was able to get to know the Western culture and decided that I would like to help other Chinese students to discover the outside world. Currently I am working in the area of education in foreign affairs and facilitating Chinese students to going on different exchange programs allowing them to travel aboard and explore the world.

What is the best advice someone has given you?

When I was young, my father always said to me ‘Action is the proper fruit of knowledge’. I had a successful career in China but I still decided to study MBA program in UK to develop myself further.

What advice would you give to other?
I really like Martin Luther King's quite famous quote "I have a dream". But I would love to advice someone "First discover yourself then find your dream. Dreams are as huge as possible. Don't afraid to think about reality. Don't think 'If it is too huge I won’t reach my goal and my dream will never come true'. According to one survey the human brain can imagine anything but only you can do it. So once you can imagine it, one day you will meet reality. Dream big. Finally be honest in your dream!" 

After graduating from Brookes what were the next steps for your career?
After I graduated from the Oxford Brookes University, I moved back China to pursue my dream. Then I had to start my truly endless, and wholly energetic work. Now I am working in the education area in foreign affairs helping Chinese students who want to study abroad and learn to more about outside cultures.

What success stories/achievements have you had in your role?
As a senior director of oversea affairs, I encourage thousands of students to go on exchange programs in United Kingdom, Europe and USA.

How are you currently partnering with Oxford Brookes?
I am working currently for the University of Oxford Brookes as Alumni Chapter President in Beijing.

What is your best memory of your time at Oxford Brookes?
Of course, my tutors, my colleagues, the campus, as well as the city of Oxford where gave me beautiful, unforgettable period in my life!!