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Alumni profiles

We have over 140,000 alumni who live in 189 different countries around the world. They are a truly inspiring community in many different ways, whether they have succeeded in business, become a famous artist or are an advocate for a great cause. We are proud of our alumni whatever path they take and hope that Oxford Brookes has given them the inspiration and confidence to follow their dreams.

Read some of our alumni profiles.

  • Melody Hossaini

    Melody Hossaini '06 - Founder & CEO, InspirEngage International

    LLB (Hons) Law

    Read Melody's profile »

  • Andrew Hynard

    Andrew Hynard '81 - Honorary Graduate and Chief Executive

    Estate Management

    Read Andrew's profile »

  • Leila Singh

    Leila Singh '94 - Sales Executive, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Financial Services

    Accounting & Finance and Retail Management

    Read Leila's profile »

  • Chris Percival

    Chris Percival '13 - Chief Executive, Jigsaw Medical

    Paramedic Emergency Care

    Read Chris' profile »

  • Sameer Rana

    Sameer Rana '11 - Senior Digital Marketing Manager

    MSc Marketing

    Read Sameer's profile »

  • Adam Darrah

    Adam Darrah '09 - 3D Artist at The Mill

    MSc Digital Media Production

    Read Adam's profile »

  • Gina Akers

    Gina Akers '03 - TV/ Radio Presenter and Beauty Salon Owner

    Business and Management

    Read Gina's profile »

  • Weslie Gatchalian

    Weslie Gatchalian '03 - Congressman of Alay Buhay Party list

    Business and Operations Management (BSc)

    Read Weslie's profile »

  • Jayne Edge

    Jayne Edge '85 - Senior Marketing Manager at ResponseTap

    Hotel and Catering Management (BSc)

    Read Jayne's profile »

  • Emma Long

    Emma Long '95 - Cookery Writer

    Hotel and Catering Management (BSc)

    Read Emma's profile »

  • Frank Salisbury

    Frank Salisbury '90 - Chairman and Director of Academic Standards at Business & Training Solutions International Ltd

    Masters Research Degree in Philosophy (MPhil)

    Read Frank's profile »

  • Verena Throp

    Verena Throp '02 - Medical Director of SPERO-HOPE CIC, Eating disorder support service

    Adult Nursing

    Read Verena's profile »

  • Syed Kazmi

    Syed Kazmi '02 - Financial Controller at Pennant Capital Management

    Applied Accountancy

    Read Syed's profile »

  • Andrew Batchelor

    Andrew Batchelor '82 - Hotel Manager at The Lancaster London

    Mentors students and hosts alumni events at his hotel.

    Read Andrew's profile »

  • David Israel

    David Israel '92- Director of Development

    Regularly donates to Brookes Annual Fund giving future students access to further study.

    Read David's profile »

  • Emma Hawes

    Emma Hawes '09 - Senior Production Editor at Oxford University Press

    Gives guest lectures to publishing students.

    Read Emma's profile »

  • Gaby Jeffs

    Gaby Jeffs '88 - Video Producer and Director at own company, Magneto Films

    Has produced several fundraising videos for Brookes Development and Emergency Practice Programme.

    Read Gaby's profile »

  • Gareth Reakes

    Gareth Reakes '99 - Entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer at We7

    Talks to students about entrepreneurism and attends Brookes events.

    Read Gareth's profile »

  • Gill Minikin

    Gill Minikin '12 - Teacher

    Has given a seminar as part of a Continuing Professional Development series for education students.

    Read Gill's profile »

  • Monawar Hussain

    Monawar Hussain '98 - Theologist, Iman and businessman

    Plays a key role in Brookes community initiatives.

    Read Monawar's profile »

  • Tim West

    Tim West '77- Chairman of Lexington Catering Company

    Founding member of the Bacchus mentor scheme and visiting fellow.

    Read Tim's profile »

  • Adrian Reynard

    Adrian Reynard '72 - Designed and built the first Reynard car

    Visiting Professor giving lectures to postgraduate students as well as loaning a F1, F3 and an INDY car to the Department.

    Read Adrian's profile »

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