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  • Dinusha H. Weerawardane

    Being a Chapter Leader for Sri Lanka gives me an opportunity to keep in touch with old friends, make new ones and provide a networking base for our graduates

    Dinusha H. Weerawardane

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International Alumni Networks

Our community includes over 130,000 alumni in over 189 countries.

With Oxford Brookes alumni in nearly every country in the world, there is almost certainly someone you can connect with who has shared a similar experience to you studying at Oxford Brookes.

All over the world, our volunteers organise social and academic events, support current and prospective students, and send us news about fellow alumni in their country or region.


In areas where we have a significant number of Oxford Brookes alumni, we aim to establish an alumni chapter. By formalising the relationship between our alumni and the University and by appointing a chapter president to lead the activities, we hope to offer our alumni organised and regular activities to keep them engaged.

We have the following chapters established and we are keen to expand our network further.




Click on a chapter marker to display details. If you would like to get involved or set up a new chapter, please contact the International Alumni Office at iao@brookes.ac.uk