Santander Internships 2020

Our new internship programme, funded by Santander Universities, seeks to support talent development of students and recent graduates. We will be placing successful applicants into an internship role within a start-up currently being run by Brookes alumni, staff or current students.

We are working with 7 start-ups, being run by current Brookes students, staff or alumni, to offer 7 fully funded internships, powered by Santander Universities. All internships are on a fixed 148 hour contract, and pay £9/hr

This valuable opportunity gives our current students real-world work experience in their desired skills and an insight into the world of start-ups. The programme also supports our entrepreneurial Brookes community who are currently running their own business. By offering a funded intern, these start-ups are able to expand their team’s skill set with the intentions of meeting their business goals.

We understand more than ever, that this time is increasingly challenging for small businesses and students. Through this internship, we hope both parties can benefit from remote working and develop their digital skills with mutually beneficial results. By linking our Brookes community together we hope to build meaningful connections, encourage talent sharing, and create lasting partnerships.

Those interested should apply through the Brookes careers portal.

and search for Enterprise Support under ‘Companies’.


Businesses Involved

Bubble - Seeking Business Development Executive
Alumni: Louis Ravenscroft, Luke Betteridge and Ben Brearey
Bubble sport is an online sports and activity provider dedicated to making sports coaching more accessible and educating the nation on a healthy lifestyle. Bubble is looking for a current student or recent graduate looking who is eager to get hands-on experience within a new start up. We are looking for a student who has experience with customer acquisition, customer service, sales and marketing.
Applicants must possess the relevant experience and have a drive for success.

Cogg - Seeking Social Media Manager
Current Student : Nathan Bradley
COGG is producing a high quality, zero waste coffeemaker that combines the quality of filter coffee with the convenience of instant coffee. COGG is gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to mass produce their coffee maker. COGG are currently seeking a student or recent graduate with digital marketing skills to managing their social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin

Finderr - Seeking Software Engineer (Machine learning/ computer vision)
Alumni and Current Student : Ferdinand Loesch and Ghita El Haitmy
Finderr is an oxford based start-up specialized in developing next generation assistive technologies for the blind and visually impaired both software and hardware. Finderr is seeking a student or graduate with Web-based software development experience, to assist the tech team with Conducting thorough research on calibration methods and applying them to the system.

Say Anything - Seeking Business Support Assistant
Staff : Patrycja Miskolczi
Say Anything is a Social Enterprise supporting young parents’ mental health and emotional wellbeing by providing them access to digital self help tools and like minded community in the form of a mobile app. Say Anything is seeking a student or graduate to assist with office administration, project management, relationship management, customer service and digital marketing.

Pegg Furniture - Seeking Online Marketing Support Intern
Alumni : Michael Buick
Pegg Furniture is focused on the growing demand for sustainably made furniture that supports adaptable homes and workspaces – including the newly expanded work-from-home market. Pegg is seeking a student / graduate with experience in online communications, marketing or campaigning to assist with online marketing creation including managing social media, creating content and providing customer support.

The Travel Plan - Seeking Business Development Support Intern
Alumni : Rishabh Gupta
The Travel Plan is tailor-made holiday specialists for UK & Europe, equipped to provide all travel services and special arrangements under one roof. The Travel Plan is seeking a student or graduate to assist with business development of the company, including increasing the direct client and B2B client base of the company, creating a database of potential clients and managing social media.

Grubby - Seeking Marketing and Operations Support Intern
Alumni: Martin Holden-White
Grubby are on a mission to make plant-based cooking more convenient and accessible to everyone. Their recipe kits are now available for home delivery in London and are also soon to be stocked in offices again as people return to work via our ‘workplace pick-up points’. Grubby is seeking a student or graduate to support them with their digital marketing content as well as exposure and involvement in a range of sales and operational tasks. So if you’re ambitious, enthusiastic, willing to learn and have a passion for food and people then you should get in touch asap!