Nominating Honorary Graduates

All alumni are eligible to make nominations throughout the year for honorary degrees to be presented at the graduation ceremonies in June or September.

An honorary degree is one of Higher Education’s most significant accolades. The University is pleased to confer honorary degrees on individuals of conspicuous merit as part of an ongoing relationship with that individual. The regulations for the award of honorary degrees are designed to encourage applications from the widest possible field of candidates who have made an outstanding contribution in a relevant context and who have or will develop a lasting relationship with the University.

The decision to confer an honorary award, and the type of award which is conferred, is made by the Honorary Conferments Committee on behalf of Academic Board. The Honorary Conferments Committee is a joint committee of the Academic Board and the Board of Governors. The Committee's recommendations will include the precise title of the degree to be conferred from the list of honorary degrees in the University's Academic Regulations (see nomination form).

Once the Honorary Confernments Committee has agreed an honorary award, it is expected that it will normally be conferred at the next available graduation ceremony in either June or September.

Who to nominate

Successful nominations have included people who have shown an interest in the University and its work, former staff and alumni who have gone on to great success. Many of these live or work locally. It is anticipated that those accepting the award will be prepared to develop a relationship with the University that will be of mutual value and interest. Details of past recipients are available on the Brookes website.

All nominations are encouraged, in particular, nominations for individuals from faith communities, the voluntary sector, those that reflect the ethnic, cultural and international diversity of the University, as well as nominations which promote the University’s values including its commitment to gender equality and equal opportunities. Nominees will be considered equally against the criteria set out in the regulations for the award of honorary degrees.

Formal requirements

Nominees for honorary degrees must demonstrate one or more of the following:

  1. Substantial and significant achievements either nationally or internationally, in a relevant field (a subject area taught or researched in the University)
  2. An outstanding contribution to national and/or international life in any way
  3. Distinguished service to the University, in any capacity, over a long period of time
  4. An active and influential role in enhancing the provision of education in the UK or abroad
  5. An ability to contribute to the future aims, strategies and development of the University, e.g. by enhancing its reputation
  6. Be an alumni of the University who has achieved distinction in the academic, public service, industrial, commercial, artistic, cultural or sporting fields
  7. An example worthy as a role model to students.

In addition, nominees must demonstrate a relevance to the work of the University, which may include, for example, a close alignment with the University’s guiding principles and strategic objectives or an active engagement in the business of the University.


It is important from the beginning of the process of nomination, through to the point at which a decision is reached and the successful candidates have been invited to receive their award by the Vice-Chancellor and have accepted, that a high level of confidentiality be maintained. It would be a major embarrassment if a nominee was made aware of their nomination and was then subsequently unsuccessful. Equally it would be embarrassing for the University if there was disclosure in the public domain prior to the successful nominees receiving official notification from the Vice-Chancellor.

Nomination form

Download a nomination form

The form should be submitted by email to graduation@brookes.ac.uk for the attention of the Head of the Academic Office.


All nominations must contain an up-to-date address for the nominee.