Make Your Ideas Happen - enterprise webinar series

How to build resilience in times of change

Hosted by Efe Fruci, founder of Fearless and Empowered. What is resilience, what causes us to lose it and how do we build it?

How to create your brand identity

Hosted by Cathy Allenby of The Bespoke Brand Designer. Learn the importance of strong brand identity and how to achieve this! Explore with her some of the psychologies behind consumer behavior and learn how to create an authentic brand identity.

How to have Business Conversations Online

Hosted by Sonya Barlow, an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and diversity expert. This session will be an informal introduction to communicating online; talking about key points such as difficult conversations, personality styles and content.

How to Capture Your Brand: Photography 101

Hosted by Imisi Adefala, founder of IAMedia. Whilst you can describe your brand identity through your logo, sales pitch and website, a lot of relationships we build with our audience members are created through visual experiences.

How to Innovate through Troubled Times

Hosted by James Lemon, founder of The Growth Works. Looking at the current crisis and how it could be a spur for you to innovate your way to success.