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Established in 1997, the Bacchus Society, formely the Bacchus Alumni Association is a worldwide network of students, graduates, friends and associates of The Oxford School of Hospitality Management.

As a community of professionals it exists to support the aims of the School and to promote its reputation; to initiate mutually beneficial links between members; and to assist current students who aspire to management and leadership careers in international hospitality and tourism.

It is with the support of the association that the Bacchus Mentoring Programme has become such a roaring success. The first of its kind in the UK, it links senior figures in industry (many of them alumni) with final year undergraduates, giving them new insights and opportunities. This kind of practical support is not only of value to students, but has also proved to be rewarding to alumni.

As you may have guessed from our logo - a red wine stain - not all of our activities are conducted with great solemnity. We believe that successful hospitality is built on positive relationships, which are often forged at social occasions. It is with this in mind that we host and participate in many events, often with current students.

We would love you to become more involved. For  the latest Bacchus events and updates, visit the Bacchus Society website, orjoin the Bacchus Facebook Group.

Peter Chapman
Bacchus Alumni Association



 "When a student graduates from the Oxford School of Hospitality Management, they never really leave but instead commence a new and exciting stage of their relationship with both the School and the University.

I graduated in 1984 and although excited about what lay ahead in my career, I was also nervous of losing the support structure and guidance that the School provided. However, thanks to my automatic membership of the Bacchus Alumni Association, I was presented with the opportunity to maintain close links with the School, and to build relationships with the most vibrant, dynamic and indeed influential group of individuals working in hospitality today. The Bacchus Alumni Association gave me confidence in both myself and what lay ahead for me in the future.

As a member of the Bacchus Alumni Association I regularly return to the School, often to meet with undergraduates and talk to them about their future and to share my experiences. As my career progressed I became involved in all kinds of activities including offering internships to students in my company; helping to raise funds for undergraduate awards and prizes; speaking as an ambassador at industry events about hospitality education; and latterly helping the School to set up the Bacchus Alumni Mentoring Program where over 100 Alumni and industry professionals mentor final year students. And I have had had lots of fun along the way, enjoying social and networking events and of course making lifelong friends.

Being part of the Bacchus Alumni Association is like having a second family, and I believe the best is yet to come!"

Lou Willcock
Co-founder and Director
IndiCater Ltd

"Being part of the Bacchus Alumni Association keeps me connected with ambitious tudents who are committed to management and leadership careers in hospitality"

Carrie Wicks
Director of Operations
Firmdale Hotels

Bacchus Mentoring Programme
Unique in the higher-education sector, the Bacchus Mentoring Programme provides structured support for all final-year undergraduate students by linking them with senior and experienced figures from the international hospitality and tourism industry. Each student has a dedicated mentor, with whom they work closely over one academic year. Many of these relationships live on after students progress into employment.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

to enhance student employability through greater engagement with leading industry playersto facilitate students smooth transition from higher education to work
to build strong relationships between the School and its alumni
to provide students with realistic insights into the challenges and opportunities in hospitality and tourism
to provide opportunities for alumni to engage with prospective graduates

There are now over 100 mentors participating in the programme, many of them alumni of The Oxford School of Hospitality Management. This programme has had a major impact on the learning experience of our students.

Dr Judie Gannon

For more information, or to enquire about becoming a mentor, contact Dr Judie Gannon (jmgannon@brookes.ac.uk

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