Oxpoly 1970's reunion at Headington Hill Hall

3 October 2017


The reunion was such fun and enjoyed by everyone without exception. Thirty-one was a good turn-out. It was so good to catch up with friends and acquaintances from our undergraduate days despite some saying they had been initially anxious about coming. It was our first reunion. There have been compliments about the food with thanks extended to the caterers.

The tour was an eye opener on the modern world. None of us could quite believe the extent and excellence of facilities and services now offered to undergraduates at Oxford Brookes compared to those in the early 1970's. We had to wait until we were aged sixty plus for our free bus passes! And en suite study bedrooms! The night voluntary taxi service is of particular note.

Our BA degree (43 years ago) was from London University so the Oxpoly lecturers were rather removed from everything - as were we, the students. Some of us had to travel to London for third year exams. No buses laid on, just "get yourselves there in time".
I would like to personally extend a huge 'thank you' to Alumni Officer Mollie, for arranging things for us. The Green Room and Music Room at Headington Hill Hall became available for us and the setting was superb.

About half our number stayed in Oxford over the weekend and Friday night found us visiting the old haunts as a group. I had forgotten how accommodating local hostelries can be for large numbers. Needless to say, we found we were not quite up to revelry in the same manner as once was the case, but we had great fun.

Libby Dower '74


The Oxpoly troupe who took a one act play on a tour of Austria and Germany Easter 1974. Colin and Roy attended the reunion.

Left to right - Carolyn Smith, Colin Briggs , Diane Coombs, Sarah Newton, Jane Whyte (at back), Lynne Ryness (Baroness), Roy Carlo (at back), Tony Fermor and Dominic Scott