Anniversary Time Capsule - Alumni Memories

Thank you to all our alumni who submitted memories for the Anniversary Time Capsule that was sealed on the 24 May at Brookes Founders' Day.
Here are a selection of the ones that were included.

Having both studied and lectured here, Brookes has been threaded through my adult life. My favourite memory is getting my dissertation grade and being so proud of myself for persevering, thanks to the wonderful Carol Forde-Johnston.
Jon (Jonny) Revis studied Adult Nursing at Oxford Brookes University, 2002-2005 and 2006

My first music lecture with Dr Dai Griffiths - he stood on a chair and pretended to be Oprah Winfrey - speaking in an American accent and reassuring us that everything was going to be ok! He made every lecture fun and engaging in a very quirky way! I loved his lectures :)
Emma Trundley studied Music at Oxford Brookes University, 1998-2001

Throughout my years at Brookes, I lived at many halls, including Slade Park, Cheney Village and Clive Booth. My favourite times were at these fantastic student accommodations. I met some of my life-long friends here and spent some of my best years in them, so much that I lived in halls for every single year apart from 1 during my 6 year stay at Oxford Brookes (halls4all ftw). After a couple of years at Brookes, it felt like a home to me, a comforting and reassuring community which I will surely miss when you finally get rid of me.
Lewis Dance studied BSc Biomedical Sciences and an MSc in Adult Nursing at Oxford Brookes University between 2010 and 2017
Being part of a multi-cultural environment.
Habibullah Adil studied Mechanical Engineering at Oxford Brookes University in 2015

Before the Christmas break, after our last first semester exam, we gathered for a quick snack. Our supervisor offered us small gifts and we spent a lovely afternoon talking with the staff. This is among my best memories of Oxford Brookes.
Elisabeth Celoi studied e-Business at oxford Brookes University, 2014-15

The atmosphere, the intercultural component and, above all, the historically beautiful Oxford which gives me a gut-wrenching nostalgic feeling every-time I look back at my stay at Brookes; it was awesome on so many levels!
Raz Shalel studied MSc in Marketing at Oxford Brookes University, 2014-16

My favourite memory is when Artie the robot took part in the Live Friday event at the Ashmolean Museum in 2014.
Nigel Crook studied for a PhD in Knowledge Based Systems at Oxford Polytechnic, 1985-91

Sharing the greatest professional project of my life with people from different parts of the world!
Sandra D'Orazio studied European Business, Culture and Languages at Oxford Brookes University, 2014-15

Placements and lectures at the John Radcliffe Hospital were always excellent.
Victoria Baildham student Adult Nursing at Oxford Polytechnic, 1989-1993

A brilliant course of a size where you knew everyone well, made long-term friends and had a wonderful SU organising a great social life with lots of good bands playing in the Main Hall. Also loved "Pack the Hall" at Christmas for carols. A great 5 years...
Wendy Norman studied Town Planning at Oxford Polytechnic, 1977-1982

It was the opening year for the JHB building and I used to stay up all night till the morning studying and having Starbucks hot chocolate and some home-made coffee at the Forum of the JHB building.
Aws F. Hamdullah studied MSc in Software Engineering, 2014-15

Living in Oxford was wonderful, it is a great city to live in, it is full of vibrancy. I would say that my favourite memory is from my first visit to the Harcourt Hill campus, I just knew it was somewhere I really wanted to go. When I was offered a place after my interview, I was so excited! My room in halls HH was one of the bigger rooms, thank goodness as I had so many clothes! It made me laugh that the university obviously knew that I was going to need the space! The memories of Brookes that I will have with me always are the friends that I made, some truly wonderful friends that I know will be my friends forever.
Christiana Botziou student Primary Teacher Education at Oxford Brookes University, 2007-2010

Meeting like-minded people including performers. We set up an all-female theatre company called 'The Padded Cups' and were the first theatre company from Brookes to perform at The Burton Taylor Theatre in central Oxford - we had a wonderful time performing Caryl Churchill's Top Girls.
Tamera Howard studied English Studies and Biology at Oxford Brookes University, 1990-1993

Watching Blur play the Helena Kennedy Student Centre in 1999.
Simon Prentice studied Business and Marketing Management at Oxford Brookes University, 1997-2001

Debating and subject discussion with student peers and lecturer, stretching and pushing my brain to work in a different way. The large and airy lecture rooms at the Business School.
Jane Salisbury studied DMS Management and MA Management (research) at Oxford Brookes University, 2010-12

Great professors, amazing colleagues (who became friends), cultural diversity, volleyball team. An awesome place to meet people from all over the world. Studying at Brookes made me grow as a professional and a person.
Fernanda Soares studied Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University, 2009-2013

Sitting in the Abercrombie architecture studios late in the evening, sharing sweets with the people working around me and having deep and meaningful conversations about life, the universe and everything whilst out on field trip.
Zoe-Maria Osborn studied BA Architecture and MArchD applied Design in Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, 2010-13 and 2014-16

During the first week of university I met Nik, he was walking up the stairs and I was walking down in the Simon Williams Undergraduate Building at Wheatley Campus. Love at first sight and now 6 and a half years later I am a Brookes employee and planning our wedding. Walking around that campus brings back so many amazing memories.
Kerry Thandi studied Accounting and Finance at Oxford Brookes University, 2009-12

The strong support for my research and the publications resulting. Attendance support for presentations at conferences was particularly appreciated.
Tony Lewis studied PhD Publication at Oxford Brookes University, 2006-08

Playing on the tennis team on Wednesday afternoons against various Oxford colleges. These matches involved tea (or beer) in the pavilion afterwards. A taste of a lifestyle to which I had never been exposed.
John Farrow studied Urban and Regional Planning at Oxford Polytechnic, 1967-69

The beautiful Campus and all the tutors are very nice.
Tung Fai Lun Felix studied Nursing at Oxford Brookes University, 2005-09

Reginald Cave was my Head of the School of Architecture and was legendary for remembering students from many years past, including their architectural schemes from various years and what they had gone on to do. He would often chastise a student's scheme for not fulfilling the promise they had set with schemes from previous year. A miraculous ability and a deep and caring involvement with so many of his protégés.Giuliano Zampi studied Architecture at Oxford Polytechnic, 1973-80
The sleepless nights spent with my classmates in the technology lab, working on our dissertation projects.Etienne Lecubin studied MSc in Software Engineering at Oxford Brookes University, 2012-13
I have so many great memories from my time at Brookes! Freshman year when deciding between all the exciting courses and meeting and living with new friends at Cotuit Hall; attending Communication Skills for Lawyers at the impressive Headington Hill Campus; getting my world view turned upside down by thought-provoking professors; and throwing up my hat at graduation. Rhiana Spring studied Law and International Relations at Oxford Brookes University, 2008-11
Lived on Wheatley campus in my first year and there was a great community spirit there. The Wheatley bar was always busy and a great place to meet friends and make new friends. Phil Jones studied Business Studies at Oxford Brookes University, 1994-98
As a student of Catering Management we were often called upon to staff large events in and around Oxford and this was great experience. The two that really stand out for me are the launch of a new Pol Roger vintage champagne at Blenheim Palace in 1984 to honour Sir Winston Churchill and also several events over the course of four days in a marquee on the lawn over the swimming pool at Headington Hill Hall for Robert Maxwell. Lesley Adams studied Catering Management and German Language and Contemporary Studies at Oxford Polytechnic, 1981-85
Making me feel like I could achieve, even as a mature student. Meeting a range of people from all walks of life and a range of ages and experiences, from fellow students to tutors who believed in me. Elizabeth Coumbe studied Educational Studies and PGCE at Oxford Brookes University, 2006-09
Walking to Cheney student village with a hot cup of Galliano's hot chocolate after a fun afternoon of tours as a Student Ambassador.Leila Siddiqi studied Media and Communication at Oxford Brookes University, 2005-08 My name is Romain. I've had the privilege to graduate from two Masters of Science in Oxford Brookes in 2010 MSc in Computer Science and 2011 MSc in Motorsport Engineering. So many things have happened in these two years... It is impossible for me to choose only one story to tell or what is my favourite memory. The lectures, the exams, the days in the computer rooms or in the library, the days in the workshop looking at the Formula Student cars being built or at cars being tested on the 4 poster rig... But also the people I've met from all over the world, the friends I've made, the teachers, the parties, the Freshers weeks, the days at the racetrack, the life in the Student Halls, the English weather, the week-ends spent working on courseworks... All of that... Sincerely I have greatly enjoyed these two years. Studying in Oxford Brookes University has been a privilege. I've learnt so many things, discovered so much about engineering... I've made my passion for Engineering a dream come true in Oxford Brookes University. Romain Bicchi studied Computer Science and Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes University, 2010-11
Great memories and happy times. I met Roy in my first year and we married at the end of our second year (1981). Rita and Roy Emberton studied Human Biology (Rita) and Environmental Biology (Roy) at Oxford Polytechinc, 1979-82 and 2005-06
The relaxing nature of the library and the family-like feeling on campus. Abdikarin Ali-Hassan studied International Relations and Politics at Oxford Brookes University, 2011-14
Learning a great deal about my profession and making life-long friends from all around the world. Prabhjot Singh Thind studied Real Estate Management at Oxford Brookes University, 2006-10
Making life-long friends - Maggie Forrester, Adrian Alexandrescu, Alison Lloyd, Chee Hou Goh, Henry Kong, Yvonne Ng, Sharad Pitroda. Thank you for all your help and support throughout the years! Field trips and the incredible team and environment of the Architecture department! Unit G 2012/2013 is forever special...the friendly group, inspiring tutors, short trips and long walks in Avebury, being lost in Naples...all of it! Nadhira Abdul Halim studied Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, 2010-13 and 2014-16
I had a really good time at Oxford Poly: wonderful atmosphere, great social life, excellent course and professors!! Carlo Zanotti Fregonara studied Physical Sciences at Oxford Polytechnic, 1987-89